Antique English Sampler

No. A11871

Sampler with the heading “Shortness of Life” signed “Eliza Tunks Aged 12 Years”  dated “1827”.

It is bordered with flowers on a vine and has spot sampler deer, flowers, trees and other things. 

The verse is: Almighty maker of my frame, teach me the measure of my days, teach me to know how frail I am, and spend my remnant to thy praise. My days are shorter than a span, A little point my life appeas, How frail at best is dying man, How vain are all his hopes and fears. Vain his ambitions, noise and show. Vain are the cares which rack his mind. He heaps up treasures and with woe. And dies and leaves them all behind.”


  • OriginEnglish
  • CircaEarly 19th c.
  • MaterialNeedlework
  • Height20 1/2 in
  • Width16 1/2 in
  • Price$990.00
Antique English Sampler - A11871

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Antique English Sampler - A11871 Antique English Sampler - A11871

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